Jun 10

Listen to Your Mom | We Are Family

Just a reminder that you are safe here.

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Your Daily Dose of Life Advice CL Huth is a mental health advocate with a deep understanding of what it is to not have people in your life to give you the encouragement and motivational pep talks you need. Also gives mom hugs IRL.
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Good morning, fam.

Today we should talk about, well, family. If you’re following me, then there’s a really good chance that the family you were born into wasn’t ideal. They weren’t supportive. They didn’t see you. They were toxic and laid the groundwork for your childhood trauma, and when you called them out, they gaslit you.

But it still hurts when the people who are supposed to love you, don’t. And every little (and not so little) slight feels like they’re ripping off the scabs over the scars they carved into your heart.

I am here to let you know that you are worthy.

You are loving.

You are loveable.

You are loved.

The family you cultivated around you sees you. That includes me, your internet mom.

We love you just the way you are.

You belong with us on purpose, not by the incident of your birth.

We have no requirements for entrance into our family.

And our love for you is unconditional.

Save this whenever you need the reminder.

Your Mom